Bali Cooking Classes

Welcome to - Bali Cooking Lessons - An amazing opportunity to learn the secrets of the Balinese cuisine inside a beautiful traditional, and serene Balinese family compound. Join in our traditional home in Ubud to learn the secrets of Balinese cuisine.

It is an honor for our family to invite you to our humble family compound to show you the uniqueness of Balinese traditional compound, as well as sharing the stories and philosophies behind it. On our walk to the rice field, you are welcome to help us herding our ducks and feed our cows. Our beautiful rice terraces are located in a remote place that can be accessed only by foot after crossing bamboo bridge. Depending on the rice growing stages, rice planting, wedding or harvesting. If you dare, you are more then welcome to help us farm the rice otherwise you can still enjoying the beautiful view and learn about sophisticated traditional irrigation system or Subak.

After the rice field, we would together picking some vegetables either wild fern, young jack fruit, young papaya, cassava leaves, spinach or others from our organic garden. From the same garden, we will also gathering spices like lemon grass, turmeric, chili, salam leaves and others for our cooking lessons. We will cook whatever available directly from our garden. For the main dish we then need to catch cat fish from our fish pond. As all ingredients ready then we start our home cooking in our kitchen, located just next to the garden overlooking the beautiful view of Ayung river valley. Our mother, aunty or our sisters will show you how they cook our daily meals using our traditional wooden fire stove. As you are part of the family, you should help them doing the cooking as well. Here are some dishes that we usually make

Bali Cooking Class
- Ketupat: rice cake. Rice cook inside a woven coconut leave basket. - Sayur urab: mixed steam vegetables made of fern, spinach, and cassava leaves with coconut and Bali spices. - Chicken sate lilit: mints chicken meat mixed with coconut and Bali spices put in the stick and grill. - Pepes Lele: cat fish with Bali spices wrapped in banana leaves. - Bregedel Jagung: corn fritter.
- Sayur Kuah: vegetable curry either made of young jackfruit, young papaya, young banana tree or cayote. - Daluman: jelly desert made out ‘daluman’ leaves with palm sugar and coconut milk - Jaja waluh: steam pumpkin and sticky rice with palm sugar and coconut.

After finish cooking our dishes and before enjoying our Balinese home lunch, as our traditional custome, we first made our daily offering. We would show you how we make this intricate offering. Daily offering is our way to express thank to the God and hope the food blessed by Him.

The lunch table is set overlooking the beautiful valley of Ayung river. You can enjoy your Balinese lunch in a relaxing atmosphere with the lush green valley view beneath you.